Specialist in young people's mental health and wellbeing.

My aim is happier, healthier, highly successful young people.


Thought-provoking, insightful, engaging and practical talks on young people’s mental health, parenting, and providing wellbeing support.

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If your project or organisation needs a unique perspective and expert clinical insights on young people’s mental health and wellbeing, I can help.

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About Buzz.

My aim has always been happier, healthier, highly successful young people.

I believe that the wellbeing of the next generation is vital for the future of society, and key to enabling them to reach their full potential in life, both personally and academically.​

I have a particular interest in young people’s mental health, and wide ranging experience in both the Higher Education and Health sectors.

I created Buzz Consulting in 2017 to share my extensive clinical and strategic health and wellbeing expertise with organisations keen to provide outstanding support to young people.​

I have also written books for students, parents, and for staff who work with young people, to help guide and advise them, whatever their situation.

Sharing my experience and knowledge through my books, my talks and my consultancy is the aim of Buzz.​

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Students supported through the course of my career so far, who have helped me develop my understanding, methods and findings.

Featured case studies.


I have been featured in many newspapers and magazines, and interviewed for lots of podcasts, so I hope you will find some of these useful and interesting!

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My Top 10 Tips for students and parents about preparing for university. I created these resources based on decades of looking after university students.

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