Nationally recognised clinical expert on teen, student, and young adult mental health, sharing that expertise through a variety of projects and approaches.

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20 years of clinical expertise and experience.

Young people’s mental health has never been more important or in the spotlight.

I have over 20 years of wide-ranging clinical expertise and experience on this vital topic, as a leading international authority on young adult mental health.

I work with universities, schools, NHS organisations, and the private sector on a variety of projects with the shared aim of improving the wellbeing of the younger generation.

As a former university campus GP and Director of Service I have gained significant insights into the needs of young people and the issues that affect them.

Those valuable insights, and my experience of working as an NHS GP and in Higher Education, give me a unique perspective and range of skills to share with organisations who want to help the next generation to live healthy and successful lives.

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Consultancy & advisor services.

Clinical project lead

I can provide a clinical advisory role for any organisation working on a project to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

I can share decades of clinical experience as well as recent insights from working with school pupils and university students to ensure your project is relevant, credible, and useful to young people.

I have been clinical lead on multiple award winning apps and animations, websites, and clinical training materials, and look forward to working with you on your next project.

Strategic review and insights

I provide client-centred, independent, and specialised consultancy, mental health and wellbeing service reviews, analysis and recommendations, and delivery of innovative solutions, with the aim of shaping the long-term strategy and service delivery of schools, universities, and other organisations.

I am not afraid to think differently about how to provide services and care and have a successful track record of doing so, co-creating tailored solutions and interventions where gaps are identified. Examples include eating disorder and self-harm clinical services for students at risk.

I am enthusiastic, energetic, and always go the extra mile for clients to achieve better wellbeing outcomes.

External independent review of student suicide

I regularly carry out independent strategic reviews of significant incidents related to mental health or suicide at university.

These tragic and traumatic events can have significant impact on the whole community, and it can be helpful to have an external reviewer who has been a clinician on campus and understands all aspects of managing high risk situations, and who brings a sympathetic and careful approach to carrying out such a delicate review.

Review, assessment, and planning of current and ongoing training needs for staff at all organisational levels can also be helpful.

These reviews are carried out compassionately, and can help to identify good practice, potential gaps in service or care, and themes for improvement, whilst exploring the impact on the community, and providing benchmarking with other UK institutions.

Project support requiring NHS / HE interface experience

Many organisations seek to work more closely with others, for example higher education and the NHS.

I can bring my specialist experience of working for both the NHS and higher education to carry out an informed review of services and delivery, with assessment and analysis of current provision (incorporating staff and student feedback), identification of gaps in provision and strategic approaches to addressing these.

This may include liaising with NHS GP practices that support university provision, to examine both sides of the relationship.

Written content creation

I have significant experience in creating written content for award winning apps, websites, blogs, articles, and teaching resources, and would be delighted to create content for your organisation on topics related to mental health and wellbeing.

I can also create videos and social media content, which I have done for clients including Student Minds and UCAS.

Dominique has undertaken commissions for the University of Plymouth on the topic of student mental health care. Dominique has provided highly insightful feedback, recommending pragmatic as well as innovative approaches to enhancing provision for students, which are grounded in the broader context of NHS and third sector services. Her extensive background of working in both HE and the NHS means that she has an acute understanding of young people and the challenges faced by them and in turn by higher education institutions in supporting and protecting students. It has been a joy to work with Dominique.

Anna Sendall, Academic Registrar

University of Plymouth

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