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What I learnt from 78,000 GP consultations with university students

Do you ever wonder why so many teenagers and young people are struggling with mental health issues? Would you like to know how every one of us can better support young people’s wellbeing? At a time of rising psychological distress in young adults, university GP and leading UK student mental health expert, Dr Dominique Thompson shares her experience of caring for thousands of students over 20 years, and challenges us all to try two simple things to help the next generation feel well, live happily and achieve their potential. Dominique offers a fresh perspective and thought provoking insights for parents, teachers, university staff, carers, and for young people themselves, on the impact of increasing perfectionism and fear of failure on the younger generation, throughout the world. #ShareYourFailures #NoMoreMedals

Understanding the Why

When young people struggle with their wellbeing and mental health they often use coping behaviours that can be difficult for their parents and carers to understand. When they talk to their GPs they comment that explaining such behaviours and feelings to their parents can feel impossible. This TEDx talk aims to look at some of these behaviours that parents find so challenging or upsetting, and offers a new way for parents and others to interpret them and empathise with children and young people. The hope is that this will allow parents and carers to better support their young people’s mental health and wellbeing, building their resilience for the future.

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