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Dr Dom Thompson was invited here as a distinguished clinician on our prestigious Chaffer Visiting Fellowship award. She spent a week with us at the University of Otago Medical School ,in July 2023.

Via various fora (i.e. lectures, public lecture, discussion groups) she informed us on a number of issues related to student and young persons’ mental health and wellbeing. Although the initial request for her visit was to focus on medical students’ wellbeing, we found that there was so much interest in her topics and lectures university-wide that it became a multi faculty event.

She was energizing, knowledgeable, engaging, passionate about young persons’ wellbeing and very generous with her time. She captured and synthesized the very real issues that young persons are facing and discussed ways to offer support. I highly recommend her. She is fun, personable and a great presenter.

Professor Tess Patterson

Associate Dean, University of Otago Medical School

Dom played an integral part as GP and MH advisor in the success of our creative projects on eating disorders in men and boys (winner of THE research project of the year 2021).

Competent, innovative, reliable and a great team player with an admirable work ethic, Dom added greatly to our research and steered our impact work with GPs and medical students. We are looking forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you, Dom!

Heike Bartel, Prof. of German Studies and Health Humanities

University of Nottingham

Dr Dominique Thompson is an experienced professional with a thorough understanding of both the health and higher education landscapes. Her dedication to improving outcomes for students at a local and national level is truly inspiring. Dom has brought a lot of energy to the issue of student health, has been a key player in driving collaborative working across sectors. She has been very successful in tackling the issues from both a grassroots approach, through organising GP activity through the Student Health Association and listening to the student experience, and through a strategic approach, she has influenced health policy and national projects to improve student health. It is a real pleasure and invigorating experience to work with Dom and I look forward to working further together in the future!

Rosie Tressler, Chief Executive Officer

Student Minds

Royal Holloway, University of London worked with Dr Dominique Thompson from May 2018 to May 2020. Engaged by me as the Director of Academic Services to work on a project with the on-site GP Surgery, Dom made significant headway. Dom is highly professional, thorough and thoughtful. She gave both the GPs and the university many insights and good ideas about how to make improvements which impacted on the student experience of using the Practice. Dom always meets deadlines, is very responsive, engaging with us by phone, email, Skype and in person as appropriate and produced accurate and timely written reports. Based on the high quality of the work she did, I asked Dom to undertake a further investigation for me on suicide awareness and prevention. On a personal basis Dom is friendly, engaging, warm and empathetic in all of the dealings that she has had with us.

Robert Hall, Director of Academic Services

Royal Holloway University London

I want to thank Dom for her wonderful work with us at the University of Surrey as we continue to develop best practice into our wellbeing services and embed a whole institutional approach to wellbeing.

Dom worked with the wellbeing and wider executive teams to facilitate the development of our wellbeing strategy. Her style was engaging and informed; enabling us to ask the right questions of ourselves and to forge a relevant and applicable strategy that can be practically embedded to improve our student and staff experience.

Dom’s support in our plans to seek ways to enhance our services has been exemplary. Her approach was thorough, informed, and sensitive. Her feedback was detailed and with clear recommendations of how we can continue to progress, reflecting on our internal practices within an external context.

I am grateful to Dom for all her work with us and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lucy Evans, Chief Student Officer

University of Surrey

I would highly recommend Dr. Dominique as a speaker, thought leader and influencer within the mental health arena. I found the content she presented thought provoking, well evidenced, clear, extremely insightful and left me thinking about wanting to learn more. It is fantastic to know such a potent authority on the subject, the session drove me to consider mine and others mental health further. Thank you, Dominique!

Adam Ross

Marsh JLT Specialty Ltd

Dr Thompson’s session was a very informative, engaging and superbly delivered insight into the mental health problems faced by students, why they exist and how to identify the warning signals. I would strongly recommend the session to any staff involved in personal tutoring as it highlights the vital actions, we can take to help ensure the wellbeing of our students, both through effective pastoral care and ensuring that those with problems gain appropriate support.

Programme Director, Engineering

University of Bristol

Dom co-created a health information app for students with us. I chose to work with her because of her interest in developing innovative solutions and passion for improving student health. Dom’s enthusiasm, creativity and support during the project has been boundless. What I particularly like about working with Dom is that she is incredibly approachable, responsive and dependable – and an absolute pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend Dom to any university or higher education institution looking for outstanding and friendly service from someone who gets work done – fast and effectively.

Dr Knut Schroeder, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in General Practice at the University of Bristol, Founder & Director

Expert Self Care Ltd

Dominique has undertaken commissions for the University of Plymouth on the topic of student mental health care. Dominique has provided highly insightful feedback, recommending pragmatic as well as innovative approaches to enhancing provision for students, which are grounded in the broader context of NHS and third sector services. Her extensive background of working in both HE and the NHS means that she has an acute understanding of young people and the challenges faced by them and in turn by higher education institutions in supporting and protecting students. It has been a joy to work with Dominique.

Anna Sendall, Academic Registrar

University of Plymouth

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